Unleash Your Potential at Benzinga

Step into the spotlight at Benzinga, a dynamic media firm that’s redefining the landscape of financial information through the power of advertising. We're on a quest for an Advertising Impact Pioneer (Sales Development Representative), someone with a fervent passion for crafting and selling innovative advertising solutions to the world's leading brokerages and financial media companies. This isn't just a job—it's a mission to infuse the financial world with powerful, engaging advertising that captures minds and markets. You’ll also take center stage at our buzzing live and digital events, each an opportunity to showcase the transformative power of advertising.

Your Mission:

  • Innovative Lead Generation: Harness the digital universe to uncover and integrate a wealth of new leads into our vibrant ecosystem daily. Your goal? To widen our advertising footprint, one groundbreaking lead at a time.
  • Dynamic Sales Engagement: Arm yourself with a blend of calls and emails to engage leads with the energy and enthusiasm of a trailblazer. Your follow-through sets the scene for monumental partnerships, paving the way for our Sales Champions to shine.
  • Ever-Evolving Excellence: Join forces with our Sales and Marketing visionaries to refine your art of influence. Participate in strategic meetings, embrace ongoing professional development, and continuously enhance your prowess in advertising sales.

Your Legacy:

  • Pioneer of Progress: Shatter sales targets with the elegance and expertise of a true pioneer, elevating our collective achievements. Your success stories become the benchmarks of our shared journey towards excellence.
  • Milestone Achievements: Chart your ascension within Benzinga with clearly defined 30/60/90-day milestones, each a testament to your growth and our collective vision.

Your Foundation:

  • Scholarly Achievement: A bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Communications, or a related field shines brightly in your portfolio, yet it’s your relentless drive and innovative spirit that truly set you apart.
  • Communicative Brilliance: Your unparalleled ability to engage, persuade, and captivate is your ultimate weapon, crafting memorable experiences and sealing game-changing deals.
  • Curiosity Unleashed: Your thirst for knowledge and a deep-seated curiosity about the advertising landscape fuel your quest for dominance in the financial media sphere.
  • Self-Motivated Dynamo: Propelled by an unwavering drive, you thrive in the exhilarating pace of a top-tier sales environment, where your autonomy ignites our collective advancement.
  • Strategic Insight: Armed with an understanding of sales dynamics and customer engagement tactics, you’re a critical player in our mission to revolutionize financial media advertising.
  • Benzinga Enthusiast: Familiarity with our products and services is your ace, enriching your ability to resonate with our clientele and amplify our message.

Be the Force Behind the Future of Finance

At Benzinga, your every action—every lead you capture, every strategy you devise—is a step towards transforming the financial world through the power of advertising. Ready to make history? Join us on this exhilarating journey.