Are you a direct response copywriter looking for the opportunity to not be the “low person on the totem pole” – and work your way up the ladder in a fast-paced startup like environment?

To be your own boss and work hard with little supervision?

We have great news: Benzinga is seeking a seasoned copywriter to join our financial publishing team, Benzinga Research.

Benzinga Research is looking to grow and become the No. 1 place for wealth building in America.

That means we’re looking for copywriters to collaborate with our financial analysts to share their ‘big ideas’ with the world.

Right now, we’re reshaping our products and expanding the Benzinga universe for 2023.

As the second in-house copywriter our firm has ever hired, that comes with unmatched potential in our industry.

We are looking for the perfect fit.

Ideally, a minimum of three years experience and a proven track record of success is what we’d like before you join our team.

But we do understand you can’t put a “time in the trenches” standard on natural talent – someone who has the natural ability to persuade an audience.

A highly exceptional candidate who’s relentlessly curious about finance and the world.

Again, this is for a full-time, in-house, copywriter role.

Someone looking to grow with the business – learn the ins and outs – and who can help us mature and show the value of our financial services to the world.

You will be compensated with a competitive salary, plus performance-based incentives.


  • Produce 6 ‘big idea’ campaigns as long-form VSL’s throughout the year.

  • Create all assets required for your campaign, including: long-form & short-form copy, emails, direct mailers, space ads, landing pages, checkout pages and more.

  • Stay relentlessly curious with your research on the markets and the world.

  • The ability to share stories with our audience in a compelling and interesting way.

  • Navigate through the trials and tribulations that come with a startup-like workplace. Your patience will be rewarded over time.

  • Work independently on big projects with feedback from the team to help grow the quality of your work.

  • Collaborate with our financial analysts to showcase the most interesting facts of their life's work and how it relates to your campaign.

  • Meet all deadlines provided for your campaigns.

  • Take on small side projects as needed.


  • Strong understanding of the English language – native speaker preferred.

  • 3+ years’ experience writing direct response copy in the financial space. Exceptional candidates with less experience will be considered.

  • High level written and verbal communication skills.

  • Relentless curiosity.

  • The ability to sell and compel.

  • Interest in keeping up with the latest news, political events, geopolitics, financial events and other relevant topics.

  • The ability to sit for a full day's work, researching and writing.

  • The ability to speak freely and communicate your ideas without fear of rejection.

  • Strong attention to detail.

  • The ability to write complaint copy in correspondence with the Publishers Exemption and other guidelines.

  • The ability to treat your work like your own business, by owning your responsibilities and excelling you will be rewarded commensurately